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Catherine was warm, fun and friendly

We wanted to mark the special passage of time in our family. Our girls were young adults, 22 and 24, and were contemplating marriage. We wanted one more professional family portrait with just the four of us before our family grew to include new husbands and children etc. I'm so glad we chose Catherine Reese Fine Art Photography to capture this special moment for us. Catherine's beautiful working farm with animals, barns, fences, gravel roads and fields was an amazing natural setting for capturing this moment. Catherine was warm, fun and friendly and chose some great spots for taking the pictures. She stood quite a few feet away from us as she was shooting pictures which surprised us at first. We soon realized that this made us feel at ease and comfortable to be ourselves. The final product really reflected this relaxed feeling. I can honestly say we have never had family portraits taken where our personalities are so clearly portrayed. The family pictures that Catherine took for us are beautiful and a joy to look at. Now our oldest daughter is married and we are embracing this new chapter in our family's story. When we look at the beautifully mounted portraits on the wall in our home, we are flooded with memories of a time that is passed but treasured in our hearts. Thank you Catherine Reese Fine Art Photography for the wonderful way you documented this chapter for our Family. Becky Miller

The photos are priceless...

Catherine, Your professionalism is above and beyond. Saying that, I also felt so comfortable and relaxed during our shoot like I was an old friend. The photos that you took of my Beloved dog Mana are also priceless. They will always hang on our walls in our home. My husband said your work is outstanding and that is a huge compliment from a man who says few words. Even though we are on opposite coasts we will always consider Catherine Reese Fine Art Photography and we always speak highly of your and our work! Much Alohas Always, Amanda Cox

The memories will truly last a lifetime

It is not always easy to feel graceful and beautiful while pregnant or to feel comfortable with a stranger, behind the lens of a camera, while pregnant. However, with Catherine Reese it is easy to feel all of these things! I had the pleasure of being photographed by Catherine while awaiting the birth of my first son, who I welcomed into the world just this last year. Working with Catherine was a lovely and immensely gratifying experience. She is an inspired and passionate artist who is down to earth, and soulful. She also happens to have a gorgeous, modern studio as well as a piece of Northern California heaven just outside of her studio doors. I am a nature lover and envisioned being photographed among the oak trees. This is exactly what we did, while the sun shone down on us and the horses neighed in the background. It could not have been any sweeter. Thank you Catherine! The memories will truly last a lifetime!! Jessica

She told my story with her camera

At the age of 54 I had not experienced a photo shoot of/for myself. I knew that Catherine Reese was an awesome photographer but I had no idea she would bring this strong willed, determined woman down to her knees in tears. I'm not one to be very emotional in front of others but while viewing the slide show of my photos, I could do nothing but cry. Why the tears you may ask? Well Catherine saw the "me" that others don't, from the inside out. She wrote my book with out using a pen and paper. She told my story with her camera, her eyes and her keen ability to bring the best out in people. Enough said, Catherine is awesome at what she does... Porter